28.07.17 - That's Interesting



Have you ever tried lemon-coffee soda? No? That’s because Keepers hadn’t invented it yet. The new start-up combines flash-brewed coffee with juice from citrus fruits such as tangerines, limes or lemons, to create a cold fizzy drink that is lower in sugar than most sodas sold on the market. Curious? Discover more here

La Mer's MAZE box

Cult cosmetic brand La Mer has just released its new product, the Moisturizing Matte Lotion. To introduce the lotion to its fans, the brand had designed a limited edition packaging, inspired by vintage pinball machines and Chinese puzzle boxes. The MAZE box doubles as a playable labyrinth, and will certainly mark the brand’s dedicated followers. Admire the packaging here 


Cabin wants to revolutionise coach journeys by transforming them into the luxurious alternative to low-cost flight tickets. For a similar price to a cheap flight, commuters between Los Angeles to San Francisco are treated to a private sleeping cabin with cosy bedding provided, a spacious bathroom and free coffee. Get onboard here

The Scroll Ring

RCA graduate Nat Martin has designed a new way to interact with augmented reality. The Scroll Ring entirely removes the need for a controller or smartphone from the experience, seamlessly fitting the advanced technology into everyday gestures. Watch the video here

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