11.08.17 - That's Interesting


The unmeltable ice cream

After our work with Oppo, we're very excited by the idea of an ice cream that doesn't melt... Developed and sold by Japanese ice cream shop Kanazawa, the popsicles are made with a polyphenol liquid extracted from strawberries, that stops water and oil separating stopping it from melting - even under 28 degree heat. Until it reaches our side of the sea, have a look here


CasusGrill is the first sustainable disposable BBQ grill. It is made of lava stones, cardboard, bamboo and charcoal – meaning once used it can be thrown to burn in the bonfire, or left to biodegrade without any harm to the environment. Its unique capacities help it retain heat for longer, giving a better cooking experience. Discover it here

Uniqlo Vending machines

Uniqlo is changing the way we shop clothes, making it as easy as 1-2-3 – with the launch of “Uniqlo vending machines”, available in airports and malls through the US. The machines stock two items: a heat-tech T-shirt and a lightweight jacket. Read more about the new lazy shopping here

Dynamic fashion

Researchers, engineers and designers from MIT Media Lab, Stanford University and the Royal College of Art have just collaborated to create a set of kinetic jewellery. The tiny robots attach to clothes and roam around to create new patterns, adjust scarves or etch onto the clothing. Looks even weirder than it sounds. The video is a must

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