18.08.17 - That's interesting


Oddly Ikea

Ogilvy New York have created a 25-minute ASMR advert for Ikea, promoting their back-to-college products. Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is being increasingly used by brands who aim to give younger consumers a more engaging, sensorial experience. At 25 minutes long, the campaign also represents the importance of using new methods of engagement in an attention-based economy.

Get comfortable and put on the headphones >

Packaging for the visually impaired

Color Me Blind is a food packaging concept developed by Alexandra Burling, that explores how designers can create something that not only looks great on shelves but is also functional for the estimated 285 million people worldwide that are visually impaired. With a growing need for brands to create more inclusive packaging, Burling's designs have proved to be vital in opening up an important debate on the issue.

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New social-media app Mirage enables users to adorn objects in real life with text, drawings, emojis, photos and even GIFs. Although not the first app to use augmented reality (Pokemon Go, anyone?), its new approach comes in the social sharing element - once graphics are applied to real life objects, they show up on a map for other people in the vicinity to view.

Have a look at the video >

Beer-Waste Pizza 

At Path, we love a slice (or three) of pizza with a cold one, so this initiative to turn left over spelt from the beer brewing process into pizza crusts really got us interested. Launching this summer at music festivals across Sweden under the collective brand Chiara Oranica, one-third of the flour in the pizza crusts consists of waste spelt grains from Spendrups' Norrlands Guld Ljus pale lager, giving the crust a beer-like flavour without affecting the gluten in the dough. We'll drink to that!

It's also pretty healthy too >