25.08.17 - That's Interesting


Jelly Bombs

Lush has just launched a new series of bath bombs. The Jelly Bombs are made with alginate, whose properties transform the bath’s water into a jelly texture. Natural oils are released in the process, softening and soothing the skin while creating a unique sensorial experience. Watch the mesmerizing video here

Abellanas's secret studio

Spanish designer Fernando Abellanas choose an unexpected space to build his studio: suspended to a highway underpass. The small – yet cosy – work space is attached to the highway’s cement framework and can slide horizontally to allow the designer to hop in and out. Read more about the secret studio here

Piquentum St. Vital 12/13/14 Collection

Croatian winery Piquentum St. Vital has just launched their 12/13/14 collection. The three bottles are the winery’s first commercial launch integrating their educational concept labels, which graphically record the weather conditions of the year the wine was produced. The launch has been a huge success, with the collection sold out in days. Discover the work here

Mars Spacesuit

What will future Mars explorers wear? This week Elon Musk gave us a glimpse when he shared the first photo of a fully functioning prototype for those travelling to Mars. Follow musk on Instagram for the next posts to come – and take part in the hysteria – here

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