01.09.17 - That's Interesting


The Netflix Collection

Netflix has just released a set of cannabis strains, called The Netflix Collection, inspired by its most popular shows. The promotional goodies were sold at a 3-day pop event: each strand was grown to be paired with a specific show, and its product consumption would enhance the watcher’s appreciation of said show. Discover more here

Radha Rides

Cycling brand Rapha has taken a poetic approach for its latest video campaign. In a series of short films focusing on different cities across the world, textures, urban spaces and local cultures are discussed before introducing cycling. Watch the Los Angeles spot – and more – here.

Breakfast Beer

The Funky Buddha Brewery has been at work to get you drunk from early morning with the release of their latest brew, the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. The beer is bacon-flavoured and aims to push beer-drinking into breakfast occasions. Discover the brew here if you’ve had enough of mimosas at brunch.

The Hard Way by KFC

What was your last training programme like? From now, KFC’s staff will be taught how to perfectly fry the brand’s Original Recipe chicken through… A Virtual Reality game. The programme is shaped as an escape room game, narrated by a talking picture of the Colonel Sanders, only allowing participants to leave once they have mastered the recipe. Watch the trailer here

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