08.09.17 - That's Interesting


Monarch Mood menu

Monarch, the low-cost airline, has launched an in-flight mood-enhancing menu, which aims to boost travellers’ immune system, promote relaxation and fight the effects of jet lag. The menu was developed with a leading food-psychologist and includes immunity boosting echinacea and liquorice ice-cream, relaxing green tea and lavender cakes, bloat-busting herbal tea. Have a taste here

Sculptural chocolates

Studio Appétit has designed a range of chocolates for hotel guests to engage in a treasure hunt. The chocolates vary in flavour and shape, with the ranges themed around landscape-inspired shapes, sensorial exploration, origin and personalisation. They will be found in different locations, throughout any hotel who wishes to encourage guests to sensorially discover the setting. Have a look at the mesmerising designs here 

Zero waste shop

The Zero Waste Shop in Devon is encouraging customers to bring in their own containers when grocery shopping, hoping to reduce the environmental impact of food packaging. The family-run shop is offering zero-waste, organic bulk-buy, plant-based wholefoods and educates consumers on organic farming practices and how to adopt plastic-free lifestyles. Have a look here

Smile to pay

KFC launched new type of payment in China, aiming to create a seamless experience for its customers. The fast food restaurant features self-service machines with integrated technology which allows customer to get their face scanned by a 3D camera for identity verification. The smile-to-pay technology adoption aims to appeal to the young and tech-savvy consumers. Read more here

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