15.09.17 - That's Interesting


Kinetic Tarts

Carved sheets of chocolate top the beautiful, three-dimensional Kinetic Tarts by patisserie chef Dinara Kasko. Done as a collaboration with artist José Margulis, whose art inspired the sculptural bakes, the project aims to transform artworks into an edible and ephemeral experience. Watch the mesmerizing video of their making here.


Vodafone has just launched a new service to target their younger consumers. VOXI is only available to those aged under 25 and offers unlimited calls, texts and data for social and chat apps. The brand is partly managed by employees between 17 to 25, and its content is created by young artists, filmmakers and designers from across the UK. Discover VOXI here.

The making of the Leica M10

Leica brand ambassador Richard Seymour has created a short film following the brand’s craftsmen work. ‘A masterpiece in the making: The Leica M10’ was filmed on a Leica itself and shows the meticulous craftsmanship and inspection that goes in the making of every single camera. Marvel at the short film here.

The Advanced Apparel Exploration 1.0 Collection

Pushing the boundaries of their knitting technology Flynit, Nike is launching The Advanced Apparel Exploration 1.0 Collection, a menswear clothing range designed through data. Information from athletes were translated into “body maps”, which were fed into the company’s knitting machines. Have a look at the pieces here

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