13.10.17 - That's Interesting


Naked Truth 

Bare Witness is a new coffee brand and coffee shop in Sydney, Australia. To embody values of transparency and authenticity, as well communicating food in its purest form by ‘baring it all’, the brand chose to apply illustrations of a naked body onto their packaging. Thin strokes, halftone shadows and bold colour fills elegant show the outlines of the body, keeping the design sophisticated. Marvel at the packs here

Loose Yourself

Black Tomato, the travel agency, launched 'Get Lost', a service organising trips enabling travelers to quite literally get lost and wonder in uncharted destinations, including deserts, jungles, mountains, coastal and polar settings. 'Get Lost' provides travelers with the necessary kit, including the bare essentials for the expedition, whilst tracking them closely for safety reasons. Find your way here

Mind Reader 

Ebay and retail specialist Saatchi Art have created an experimental shopping experience in the form of an art exhibition, by measuring guests’ brain activity with a headset device. This ‘mind-reading’ (EEG) technology tracks visitors’ journeys to identify the moments they felt inspired, and later translate this data into personalised Ebay shopping carts. Discover more here

Paper Lamp

London-based startup Bare Conductive has created a self-assembly kit, allowing users to turn the supplied conventional paper into customised lamps, using electrical paint. Users are encouraged to create touch-sensitive buttons with the conductive ink, which functions as an electrical cable. Get yours here

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