27.10.17 - That's Interesting


Underwater Dinning 

Norway is going to be the first country in Europe to host an underwater restaurant. More than an ‘aquarium’, the restaurant structure attracts mussels and other marine life to cling onto its outer walls. With the ability to accommodate 100 dinners, the restaurant aims to immerse and educate consumers on the sea-life wonders. See their vision here

Saltwater Crops

As fresh and clean water become scarcer due to unsustainable agricultural practices, Studio H has been experimenting with salt tolerant crops’ potential applications. To explore how these crops could become the taste norm in our future diets, it has developed a range of condiments made from carrots, lettuce, tomato, and strawberries that were grown in salted water. Find out more here

Engineered Tea

Teamosa is a new tea-making machine using ultrasonic extraction to make the perfect brew. The device uses a high-frequency sound to agitate the tea particles and extract the flavour and anti-oxidants from the tea leaf. When a tea capsule is inserted, Teamosa will know instantly the heat and brewing time for a perfect cup of tea.  Get brewing here


Hatch is a new watch brand with cross-hatching patterns that change every 5 minutes. Composed of only two superposed metal discs, allowing the watch face to have endless possibilities and combinations of colours and optical effects, different for every time of the day. Discover the patterns here