10.11.17 - That's Interesting



London Brewer ‘Meantime Brewing’ has collaborated with London coffee shop ‘Nude Coffee Roasters’ to create a new hybrid beverage: A latte-beer. The ‘beeristas’ craft the 9%ABV by blending coffee with a cream ale made with oats and lactose, following consumers preferences. The drink is now available both on draught and in 30cl glass bottle. Find it here

Pret Water Refils 

Pret a Manger is set to launch a filtered water station across its London veggie shops. The brand will also sell reusable glass bottles, in a bid to reduce plastic waste and challenge consumers’ behaviours with a sustainable approach to the on-the-go hydration. Read their mission here

Whittle Away

Stoft Studio has showcased a collection of furniture cabinets that ‘peel’ away with time. Inspired by how paint easily peels off from wooden surfaces, the Swedish designers have covered the cabinets with strips of pine that curl up over time to reveal an underneath pleasing colour palate. Amaze yourself here

Solar Wallpaper

A group of researchers from London based universities have created the first solar wallpaper. The wallpaper can harvest the sun’s energy and transform it into small amounts of electricity. It is made by printing living photosynthetic micro-organisms onto electrically conductive paper. Discover more here

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