17.11.17 - That's Interesting


Whisky - Me

Whisky-Me is a new monthly subscription of hand-selected malt whisky, which aims to make the spirit more desirable and accessible. Subscribers receive a curated selection of whiskeys in 5cl pouches that have been conveniently designed to be posted through a letterbox. Added information is provided on the provenance of each blend. Sign up here

Moleskine smart planner

Moleskine has added to their collection of smart products a paper planner that syncs automatically with your digital calendar. The fusion between the physical hand-written notes and the digital notifications is enabled by a smartpen that recognises the text written onto a grid concealed on the notebook’s pages. It then translates the writing onto a mobile device. Discover their smart range here

Self-healing car

Lamborghini and MIT researchers have revealed their vision for the future of sports cars. The car is made of a carbon fibre shell that has the ability to repair any cracks or damages by itself. After a quick self-diagnosis, the self-healing process begins and fills the fissures with nanotubes that prevent it from spreading further. Have a look here

Zizzi's takeaway packaging

Italian restauranteur Zizzi has redesigned their takeaway packaging to encourage food sharing for a ‘social night in’. The new design allows the brand to package different foods in different ways by changing the internal structure of the pizza box. For example, a double deck allows to package a rustic pizza and a zig zag insert can house starters and sharers. Find out more about it here

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