08.12.17 - That's Interesting


Pink Tax

Billie is a new subscription service for shaving products, addressing the issue of excessive tax in feminine care products. In gender-specific personal hygiene items, women pay more than men, so Billie created a ‘Pink tax Rebate’ scheme, which enables its consumers to receive a voucher of the amount of tax they pay, which they can redeem on their next purchase. Get involved here


The charity Do the Green Thing has partnered with the design firm Pentagram to prod consumers to adopt a sustainable approach to Christmas giving. The initiative wants to break the ritual of giving unwanted and unneeded material gifts, and instead offer time-based or experience-based ones. The website proposes examples of non-materialistic gifts and invites users to give their friends and family an ‘Ungift’ personalised card. Find your Christmas presents here

The Escape Train

To promote the recent launch of the film ‘Murder on the Oriental Express’, rail operator VR and Nordisk Films have created a real-life ‘murder solving case’ experience for its on-board passengers. They will be able to explore themed rooms, interact with actors and attempt to solve the mystery on the 13-hour-long train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Book your ticket here

The Ephemeral Phone

Zenum Technologies has created a mobile phone that self-deletes its content to enable users to better control their online sharing. Users can decide the timeframe that their content can exist online, giving an ephemeral element to their social media presence. The brand aims to reduce the anxiety around the information shared online and encourage more impulsive content creation. Discover the phone here

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