12.01.18 - That's Interesting



Ikea has just placed a surprising advert in the Swedish magazine Amelia. The ad boldly states that ‘Peeing on this ad may change your life’. Readers can use it as a pregnancy test, by dropping a sample of their pee onto it - and see a 50% reduction on the price of a baby crib appear if the result is positive. Watch it here

Telepathic Car

Nissan has revealed its latest innovation at this year’s CES: brain-to-vehicle technology. Drivers can wear a headset device, which will enable their vehicle to predict their intentions and prepare the engine to facilitate tasks such as stopping, accelerating and turning the wheel. The project explored Nissan’s vision for the future of autonomous vehicles: one where control is handed back to its users. Read more about it here

Sleep at Muji

Muji is set to open its first hotel in Shenzhen later this month: with it, the brand will expand into the hospitality industry. The Muji Hotel will immerse its visitors into the brand’s values and aesthetic codes, which have been described by the brand as ‘anti-gorgeous’ and ‘anti-cheap concept’. The hotel will also offer a diner, a gym, a library and of course, a Muji store. Have a look here

Coca Font

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new custom typeface called ‘TCCC Unity’, an acronym for The Coca-Cola Company. The font’s design is inspired by the brand’s history and modern heritage – it was released with an app that reveals the design process behind the type’s creation and the brand archives used to inspire the design. Discover it here

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