19.01.18 - That's Interesting


EQT Support 93/Berlin

Adidas Original has just launched the EQT Support 93/Berlin, a limited-edition sneaker that features the Berlin’s subway seats’ patterns. The shoes include a fabric transport ticket, which is stitched in the tongue and offers urban commuters unlimited access to the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) from the launch date (16th of January) to the end of this year. Find out more about it here

Labo Line

Nintendo has released Nintendo Labo, a series of new DIY games for its Switch console. The Labo Line includes cardboard toys for kids - and grown-ups! - to build and attach to the console in order to create a new interactive game. Available games include a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike and even a robot suit. Obviously, we love the idea of cardboard engineering! Get inspired here


Rocketo is a new dog food brand that aims to bring the new trend of ketogenic diet into the canine world. The radical regime is said to improve the dog’s metabolism, gut and mental sharpness, and even to prevent cancer and diabetes. Each tin’s format corresponds to the size of the dog it would feed, and highlights the products’ benefits on-pack through a table. Check it out here


Swedish cosmetic brand Foreo has launched UFO, a device which claims to bring the benefits of beauty face-masks in a quick and convenient format. UFO uses sonic pulsations, LED light and thermo therapy to defy ageing and oxygenate the skin - all in less than 90 seconds. Read more about it here

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