26.01.18 - That's Interesting


Sublimely Ruby

KitKat Japan has become the first brand to launch a product containing ruby chocolate. Despite its intense pink colour, the chocolate isn’t artificially coloured: it is made from the ruby bean, which naturally has a pink tone and a berry-like flavour. With the limited edition, called ‘Sublimely Ruby’, KitKat seems to be just in time for Valentine's Day. Read more about it here

The Radius backpack

Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has launched the Radius backpack, an energy harvesting backpack. The bag, which is build from a single piece of knitted fabric, features spherical solar beads woven onto its strap, allowing its user to seamlessly charge their electronic devices on-the-go. Learn more about it here

Déguster l'augmenté

ECAL-design student Erika Marthins has just presented ‘Déguster l’augmenté’, a series of interactive deserts that aim to enhance the gustatory experience. The series includes three deserts: a gelatine that moves along air pumped by a robot, a lollipop with an encoded message that becomes visible through light; and a chocolate vinyl that can be both tasted and listened to. Get hungry here

Amazon Go

Amazon Go has opened to the public its first ‘cashier-less’ grocery shop. The store, which had been a concept for a while, is now finally live in Seattle. Thanks to smart sensor technology customers can pick up items from the supermarket shelves and just walk out: the bill is invisibly charged out of their Amazon account as they pass through the sensing gates. Find out more about it here

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