09.02.18 - That's Interesting


Paper Machine

Paper Machine is a booklet of interactive electronic toys to cut out, assemble and play with. The toys are printed in metallic ink, which conducts electricity, transforming the paper silhouettes into electric circuits that animate once put together. They include a piano that can be tuned by hand-drawing or a wind-sensor ghost mask that can emit different sounds. Get yours here

The Griffiths Brother gin

The Griffiths Brothers gin’s bottle label was designed to indicate to its customers when the spirit is cold enough to drink. Part of the design is printed with a thermochromic ink, which responds to temperature change by showing a vibrant blue when the bottle is cold enough, and begins to fade as the gin gets warmer. Read more about it here

Marriott Hotels' Smart Shower

Realising that more than half of business travellers report to have their best ideas while showering, Marriott International Hotels have just developed a smart door for showers. The door uses touch-sensitive technology to record doodles and notes scribbled on the steaming glass and sends them to visitors by email. Watch the video here


Proverb is a new male cosmetic brand that combines all aspects of wellbeing into one platform. The brand offers skincare products, supplements and easy-to-digest personalised advice from a smartphone app that takes into account each consumer’s skin concerns, fitness regime and travel frequency. Check it out here

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