16.02.18 - That's Interesting


Perfect Pour-over

Dripkit aims to merge the convenience of instant coffee with the craft of pour-over - the portable kit includes a paper filter that can be placed onto of any coffee cup, as well as a pre-packaged measure of ground coffee. Pour-over solutions like this have become increasingly popular, as consumers look for better quality in more convenient offerings. The brand is also looking at ways of making its one-use packaging more sustainable.

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Oh hi...

PepsiCo has launched a new sparkling water called Bubbly, to meet the growing consumer demand for unsweetened, naturally-flavoured, zero-calorie drinks. The branding embodies the ‘bubbly’ personality through its vivid colours, hidden welcoming expressions on the pull-ring, quirky messages and a lot of smiles! 

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Puppy profiles

 Adoptify is a new service that matches sheltered dogs with potential owners based on an unusual characteristic - their music tastes. Spotify developed musical profiles of the dogs, that belong to a German animal shelter, in order to inform the to-be adopters which pet’s share their music preferences. 

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Heatworks has announced Tetra: a new, countertop sized, multi-functional dishwasher for small homes. Through graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls, consumers can remotely control the water and temperature of the device, allowing them to choose between a washing and sterilising cycle, or even use it as a lobster steam cooker! 

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