23.02.18 - That's Interesting


Oreo's Treasure Quest

Oreo has launched ‘The Great Oreo Cookie Quest’, an augmented reality treasure hunt where users are challenged with riddles to guess a specific object from their everyday life. Once the player scans the right object, it is revealed to contain hidden virtual Oreos and rewards. Get the app here

Patagonia Action Works

Patagonia has gone one step further in their mission to support grassroots activists, with the launch of Patagonia Action Works – a platform that urges consumers to “Sign up. Show up. Take action”. The micro-site connects consumers with local environmental activists, by nudging them to sign petitions, volunteer or donate on a range of issues such as land, communities and biodiversity. Discover the movement here


PepsiCo has just unveiled Drinkfinity - a reusable water bottle with flavour Pods for the on-the-go consumer. The Pods contain two chambers – one for concentrate juice and one for powder superfoods such as spirulina. The flavours are categorised under four different mindsets – charge, renew, chill and flow – but these can be further customised to each consumer. Discover the product here

Sonic Typeface

Design studio Kontrapunkt and the Nippon Design Center have created a responsive typography for acoustics manufacturer Goertek’s R&D center. The typeface is used in the building’s wayfinding and digital signage – designed to embody the brand’s dynamic approach, it transforms and vibrates according to the frequency and waves of the space’s ambient sound. Check it out here

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