02.03.18 - That's Interesting


Brutalist Pâtisserie 

Multidisciplinary designer Kia Utzon-Frank has developed a series of sweets inspired by the Barbican’s brutalist architecture. The designer re-interpreted the Danish treat flødeboller and created a chocolate-covered marshmallow whose outside layered texture takes inspiration from the concrete of the cultural centre’s outer walls.  

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KFC has offered a witty apology for the brand's recent disastrous chicken shortage in the U.K. After a consumer cry-out over closed restaurants, KFC ran a printed advert on the pages of The Sun and Metro to own up to its mistake and redirect consumers to a micro-site that lists the nearby open restaurants.

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Book Seeds 

Italian seed brand Piccolo has redesigned its packaging and brand identity to look like a mini book collection. Similar to the Penguin Mini Modern Classic Series, the re-design invites consumers to collect the seeds and to discover more about how to grow each plant variety, in a simple, concise and clear manner.

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Jane Walker

Spirits brand Johnnie Walker has just launched its latest limited edition, The Jane Walker Label, for which the famous character has been replaced by a woman to represent the brand’s commitment to celebrate women and be at the forefront of culture and part of important conversations about gender. The brand will donate $1 to women’s causes for each bottle sold.

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