Affordable beauty.

The beauty and personal care category is highly competitive, fast moving and ever evolving. The Portugal-based retail group, Jeronimo Martins approached Path to help launch their own brand of affordable quality personal care products. The objective was to bring inspired, but uncomplicated, beauty products to women. We soon identified our key challenge was to ‘democratise beauty’ for a consumer swamped with overly complicated offers.

A Beautifully Simple solution.

To achieve a truly democratic brand proposition, we knew we needed to focus on consumer values, rather than demographics. As such, a number of consumer tribes, informed by needstates, rather than the demographic conventions of age, affluence or education, was identifiedFollowing a strategic collaboration with the brand team, a brand essence of ‘Beautifully Simple’ was created. The decision was made to take their existing ‘BeBeauty’ trademark and effect a complete makeover to render it consistent with the new values. The trademark was already firmly established in the retail group’s Polish territory and had great potential to be repositioned and expand across Europe and South America.

Refreshed elegance.

The old design was revamped with a completely refreshed marque, displaying greater relevance to a global audience and consistent with the premium cues of a mass brand. The all-encompassing ‘b’ holding device houses a carefully crafted, hand-drawn, word marque. In turn, this device was harmonised into a comprehensive range of up to 90 skus spanning 5 categories, with a core of 9 new skincare products.

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