A new venture
With online retail increasingly prevalent, and millennial men looking for grooming services that are more bespoke to them, we decided to partner with Cornerstone to develop the UK’s first shaving-subscription service - and disrupt an entire category.

Laying the foundations
From the raw kraftboard box, to the unique, cast aluminium alloy handle, we took the utmost care and attention to consider each element and ask how we could provide a better shaving experience. With a handle that stands up, away from the usual bathroom moisture that corrodes other razors, and branding that is sympathetic to online retail, Cornerstone is cutting into the market.

The Market Leader
The simplicity of the Cornerstone offer, and the premium nature of its products and packaging, makes it a market success – the brand has taken over £400,000 in investment and predicts a dramatic growth in subscribers during 2015.

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