A holey history
Created in 1970 by a dairy owner and a cheese shop proprietor, LEERDAMMER is a unique, real cheese combining a mild nutty flavour similar to Gouda with the holes of Emmental. By the mid-noughties, it had become the Number 1 branded sliced natural cheese in the UK and Europe. Under threat however, from lower cost own label offers, Bel Groupe planned to fight back by reinforcing the brand values of ‘real cheese from the wheel’ and adding tangible consumer benefit through an improved packaging structure.

Behind the wheel
Path designed and developed a unique pack shape, to reflect the ‘cheese wheel’ icon. The quality, robustness and functionality of the pack structure was greatly improved delivering increased freshness protection and easy-open and reclose features. The audible ’Click’ on opening and closing provided consumer assurance that the slices would be stored in optimum condition.

Economics of Design
Designed within the dimensional parameters of the previous pack it was producible on existing machinery, with minimal change parts. 
In the first 4 months after launch the brand established an 11% increase on average and in 1 month actually achieved growth of 27%!   

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