Oppo has collided two opposite categories to offer indulgent foods that are healthy. The business was created after the Thullier brothers had travelled in South America were inspired by the healthy yet indulgent native foods found there. The brief was to simplify and clarify the brand’s story and essence then to create a brand identity that brought this to life expressed on packaging and beyond.

Our objective was to define a clear brand essence visualized as the Oppo identity supported with inspiring brand guidelines. The biggest challenge was devise the first ever visual language for health combined with indulgence.

Oppo Branding and Packaging Design - Path
Oppo Branding and Packaging Design - Path

We created an icon to differentiate and promote the benefits of brand. Then we communicated the particular variant qualities and benefits more distinctly through packaging.

The brand’s essence is “Opposites Attract”. The identity visualizes the ‘sweet spot’ as the intersecting spheres of health and indulgence. Curves extending from the ‘sweet spot’ framing the packaging communication of the products. The creamy, melting pleasure of the ice cream and the flavour. The pack architecture gives the brand confidence and allows each individual message to hit harder. Inspiring brand guidelines now illustrate and inspire the activation of the brand for the future.

This has already resulted in new listings in Waitrose, strengthened existing listings and cemented export plans. The essence has inspired and fueled the brand team’s communication, activation, PR and support.

Oppo Branding and Packaging Design - Path

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