Unsupported and unloved
Originally launched in the UK in 1988, Ragu has suffered from growing market competition. There was a noticeable lack of focus on the brand’s engaging heritage, and a real need to try and re-establish the brand’s presence in this popular category.

Retelling the story
The existing pack design hid the great quality product beneath, so clear design direction was essential. We felt that we needed to communicate the fact that Ragu are passionate about what they do, and that after 75 years, they are still both traditional and relevant. The heavier jar design we opted for, is reminiscent of the mason jars used in the early 20th Century. Supplying the client with agreed, accurate timelines, meant that Pathwork could perform the extensive colour work required, whilst staying within supplier’s production deadlines.

Continuing the legacy
The initial rebrand resulted in the reversal of a 25% YOY decline into 43% YOY growth, and increased listings with the major retailers. The brand development has continued, with further design evolutions to solidify the market position and drive growth through NPD.

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