Revo Pisco

Tapping trends
‘Revó’ Pisco has been created by Path to tap into four prevailing trends: The age of crafted commodity, the maturing of the ‘Millenial’, shifts in ‘luxury’ and the growth of emerging markets. The rise of South America has been put into sharp focus in recent years with Brazil hosting both the world cup and the Olympics - as a result, the cultures found across the continent are being exported to Western economies in the form of food, restaurants and drink.

Rich history
Peru’s rich history and its bold spirit of defiance, inspired Path to create a Pisco brand proposition. Path identified trends that delivered insights informing the strategies for Revo Pisco. The brand essence was defined as ‘the irrepressible companion to any night out, with a distinctly fiery disposition’. 

Fluid equities
The bottle shape has a unique fluid equity that sets it apart from other spirit genres resisting the clichés of neighbouring categories. The brand story has been skilfully woven into the design through a bold vertical ribbon. The final dramatic twist lies in the broken tip of the Spanish king’s sword; impossibly housed within the bottle itself.

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