Simply Cook

Simply Cook brings delicious recipes from around the world into consumers’ kitchens, making cooking exciting, enjoyable and, most notably, easy. With kits that include three flavour pots and a step-by-step recipe, all consumers need to do is add fresh ingredients to have restaurant quality meals in 20 minutes.

When the brand decided to take their e-commerce proposition into retail, they needed a packaging solution that allowed them to fully communicate Simply Cook’s brand proposition, not only in messaging but also in consumer experience. The ambition was to disrupt the consumer’s journey – changing the way they shopped, cooked, and dined. 

Standing upright and confident, Path’s solution delivers shelf impact to arrest consumer curiosity and a post-purchase experience that takes consumers on a journey of discovery. The bespoke cardboard structure features a 5th panel, availing more surface area for Simply Cook to include all the different aspects of their unique food solutions offering. The pack is open on the top and bottom to help dismantle any over-packaging perceptions whilst also allowing the consumers to see the flavour pots – an important consideration in introducing Simply Cook to a new retail audience.

Each stage of the consumer journey has been considered to enhance the Simply Cook experience. From positioning the display units in the fresh food aisles alongside key ingredients to opening the first panel and seeing a mouth-watering photo of the entrée. From tearing the box open and discovering the recipe, to being able to easily prop the recipe up when you start cooking. It’s all these elements working together that help support Simply Cook’s promise of delicious cuisine - simply cooked, simply enjoyed.

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