Victoria Karelias

The Victoria Karelias Costume Collection is one of the world’s foremost archives of traditional Greek costume and jewellery. Located in the beautiful town of Kalamata, the collection is the product of over 50 years of dedicated effort on the part of its founder, Mrs Victoria Karelias. In recent years, it was bestowed on the Kalamata Lyceum Club of Greek Women whose goal, since its foundation in 1967, has been the preservation of greek tradition and customs.

Timeless solution.

The museum’s breadth of content is truly breathtaking in both its richness and its far reaching value as a historic resource. As such, it covers over 200 years of Greek history and houses both costumes and jewellery. Path were approached by the Karelias family and the Lyceum club to create an identity for the collection. The need to look back, and forward, required an identity that balanced both the rich heritage of its past with the forward thinking values of future generations.

Modern classic.

Path travelled to Kalamata to spend time with the curators to absorb and learn about the nature of the content and the aspirations of the team. Our strategy team worked closely with the collection to identify and define the core values of the brand to add meaning and depth to the design expressions to follow.

A 'VK' monogram device was created with a modern outward expression that was routed in the classic aesthetics of the past. This primary device was supported by a secondary expression in the form of a collection-inspired background pattern that adds depth and interest to the overall feel. With these core assets in place, an identity guidelines document was created to promote understanding of the identity and consistency of expression to future users.

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