See Me Roar: The Power of Creative Bravery

This year’s London Design Festival saw a burst of weird, wonderful and vibrant designs that take a sharp departure from the expected exhibits of previous years. This time around, the Big Smoke was full of colour and striking spectacles that arrested the senses, creating juxtaposition and reappraisal in the most familiar of situations.

Es Devlin’s standout piece inspired conversation at the heart of England’s busiest city. A dayglow orange lion in Trafalgar square drew large crowd participation and gave millennials a creative outlet through various video forms. Whilst dayglow paint is a fairly rudimentary way to stand out, its popularity is telling. Are consumers demonstrating an affinity to change, to things that are different, and to creative bravery?

When it comes to brand and packaging design, achieving standout at shelf is fundamental to creating a competitive visual identity and expression. This challenge is now, of course, shifting to a totally different shelf. One where your brand is competing for attention across a digital landscape as well as physical shop, and where you will be seen next to amazing travel photos, health and fitness posts, and food-envy snaps. How do the principles of design for shopper marketing evolve in this new world where there’s an even greater premium on standout? Is it just an evolution or more of a revolution in the way we have to approach branding, design and packaging?

This new challenge can easily become overwhelming. As creative strategists and design thinkers, we believe the answer lies in the same place in always has – powerful and dynamic ideas that can be expressed across all touchpoints, creating a brand world that is compelling, cohesive and consistent. In this way, brands can resonate and engage with consumers on multiple levels across multiple platforms to create the impact they need to drive growth and success.


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