Solid as a Rock: One Material, Many Purposes

Tom Dixon’s new Rock collection is a new series of Green Forest marble artefacts that act as architecture for the dining room table. These interactive, playful and stackable sculptures are made from marble – that’s it. The carving and crafting is done by hand on a lathe, creating textures and patterns that are simply yet unique. Each piece, from candlesticks to dumbbells, possess an individualistic quality.

In terms of design, Dixon’s Rock collection does everything right. Balancing beauty with function, a simple expression with complex meaning is created. In using less to create more, both quality and value reaches new heights with an aesthetic that is potent and pure.

Beyond being stunning, there are environmental benefits of designing objects that use a single material. Fewer processes and fewer parts lead to lower emissions and increased recyclability. With more and more consumers placing value and basing decisions of sustainability, all makers of things need to focus their efforts on design and manufacturing solutions that prioritise the environment.

Tom Dixon’s Rock collection illustrates that there is more to the solution than less plastic. We need more open and dynamic thinking that considers old materials as well as new materials, a return to old processes as well as the development of new technologies. In order to replace the wasteful, disposable behaviours of yesterday, we need to provide options that are robust in quality so that they last, functionally effective so that they are useful, and breathtakingly beautiful so that they are desired.


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