That’s Interesting 01.03.19

From the Kin’s Euphorics to Bompas&Parr’s otherworldly scents, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Solar Sniffs

So, how do ‘other worlds’ smell, really? Inspired by this question, sensory masters Bompas&Parr is creating an interactive and immersive experience, at a crypt in St. John’s Church this weekend. You can find sniffable sculptures by artist Lucy Hardcastle with the scents being composed by Design in Scent, and much more….

Smell for yourself here

Affluent Tunes

The progressive Italian brand is off the runway and now is on Spotify. Prada has made its tasteful debut on the popular music platform, reinforcing its strong ties with music. Luxury fashion house is offering seven playlists, inspired by a character from the spring/summer 2019 campaign.

Listen on here

 Friday Euphorias

Care for a Kin? The non-alcoholic, plant-based beverage has just been rebranded by the digital artist Ada Sokol. Botanicals, adaptogens and nootropics are blended to provide an “euphoria” by boosting the mood and encouraging relaxation.

Have a glass here

One card to rule them all

Citymapper is disrupting the urban transportation, yet again! The Citymapper Pass, a new contactless payment card is on its way to combine buses, trains, trams, Santander bikes and Citymapper’s Ride service with a weekly subscription. It is slightly more affordable than its rival, Oyster cards.

Check the new kid on the block here



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