That’s Interesting 01.06.18

From The Magic Veggies campaign to Suntory’s All-Free All-Time beer, from Recess to Atolla here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


Eat Your Nose!

Belgium’s leading food retailer is trying to get children to eat their greens by bringing in pure kid-inspired creativity. The “Magic Veggies” campaign hopes to give little ones the joy of eating healthy by renaming 12 vegetables into nicknames invented by children: carrots have become “orange rockets”, chicories “dragon teeth” and courgettes “troll bat”.

Sneak a peek to the creative world of children from here


Cheers in the Office

Suntory has just created a new alcohol-free beer, due to hit the Japanese market on the 19th of June. Created with office-workers in mind, ‘All-Free All-Time’ is a colourless beer sold in a plastic bottle, to allow its drinker to avoid the stigma of beer-drinking at work. The drink contains zero calories and will also be marketed as an after-sport drink.

Have a look at the new teetotaller drink here


Streamlined Exercise

US start-up Recess brings ease to the everyday life of the time-starved urban consumer. The brand’s portable, no-water-needed cleansing and deodorant wipes and hair blotters streamline its user’s gym experience by effectively removing the need to take the shower.

Click here for a quicker gym experience


Powered by AI

MIT-based startup Atolla is challenging the traditional one-size-fits-all approach of the skincare industry with the help of advanced machine learning. Using the data captured from the ever-changing skin of its consumers, the brand develops products that cater to each individual’s needs.

Read more about data-led beauty here


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