That’s Interesting 04.05.18

From Fribo to Wudu Liquor, from Doppel to Amsterdam’s Gumshoe here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

A robot for loneliness

A solution to increasing levels of loneliness among millennials has been proposed by the researchers from Yonsei University and Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Fribo is a robot that listens to what goes on in your life and helps to keep you connected with your friends, reminding them to stay in contact.

Watch the playful Fribo here


Wudu Liquor

Chinese creative agency ShenZhen Lingyun is rethinking the purpose of spirits packaging. By giving it a highly sophisticated look and feel, it encourages consumers to not to discard the bottle, and instead re-use it as a vase with the dried flowers provided in the packaging.

Support refined sustainability from here


Focused in a heartbeat

Crowdfunded in Kickstarter, Doppel is a wearable device that helps its users to remain calm, reduce the stress and increase their focus. By utilising the research in psychology and neuroscience, Doppel vibrates silently, simulating the heart’s natural rhythm.

Get your own beat from here


I heart Gumshoe

The first shoe made from recycled gum has been created by the Amsterdam metropolitan area, to raise awareness of the urban gum litter issue and to tackle the problem from its roots. With 2.2 pounds of gum used for every four shoes, you can help the city in this creative and sustainable endeavour.

Learn more from here




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