That’s Interesting 05.10.18

From Denmark’s Climatorium to giants cats and avocado toasts of Apple, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


Change now

By 2020, Lemvig, the coastal city of Denmark will be hosting The Climatorium, designed by Copenhagen-based architects 3XN. Driven by Denmark’s ambition to be one of the leading creators of solutions tackling climate change in the world, it is a part of the region’s Coast to Coast Climate Challenge. The building will be utilised as an educational resource centre that will act as meeting place for researchers as well as exhibition space for events and concert to attract tourists.

Learn more from here

Make magic

UK-based Kano brings modularity to children’s toys. Aimed primarily at 11 to 14 year olds, these STEM toys are designed to develop understanding of both technology and the coding behind it. The most recent project, The Harry Potter coding wand teaches kids to code through more than 70 challenges built around the interactive wand that responds to codable movements.

Marvel the kids here

Good For the Gut

Taking a step further to cater not only for gluten-free seekers but also gut-conscious consumers, Genius has created a new ‘Good for the Gut’ range with naturally-occurring prebiotic fibres. Created by the London-based B&B studio, the playful design distinguishes itself on the shelf, moving away from the category’s rational design cues.

Take a look at the new range here

Life is big

Apple released its new video ‘Growth Spurt’ to celebrate the launch of its new XS line. Underlining the increased size of the new phones, the film brings its tagline “Everything you love just got bigger” to life with giant cats, avocado toast, un-dunkable cookies and overgrown babies, all the good stuff.

Follow the giant cat from here


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