That’s Interesting 06.07.18

From Asics’ Black Out Tracks to The City Of Dreams, from the #AirMaxLine to Curata, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Training the mind

In anticipation to the release of their new Gel Kayano 25 show range, Asics just opened Black Out, a running track designed to forego distractions and challenge the mind. The pitch-dark environment forces athletes to constantly stay focused, in order to help them achieve their full potential.

Get running here

The Art of Victory.

City of Dreams is a brand new three-hotels gambling complex in Macau whose branding has been designed to redefine what luxury means to the affluent visitors of the famously tacky city. The hotels’ identity intentionally moves away from gaudy gold, and embraces more intangible values such as sensory excess, frantic energy or the art of winning.

Read more about next-level luxury here, and book yourself in the City of Dreams here

Nike’s Digital Queuing Experience.

Nike Korea has developed a creative approach for its 2018 limited-edition sneakers’ drop releases. To access the sneakers, customers were invited to join a digitally-created queue with their own personalised avatars, and to upload a photo of it on Instagram with the hashtag #AirMaxLine.

Get in line this way

Sustain the beauty.

Curata is a new beauty brand that aims to care equally for you and the environment. Blending strong sustainable ethos and luxury, the brands offers products filled with antioxidant-rich ingredients, each packaged in recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Get your glow on here


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