That’s Interesting 11.05.18

From the “iPhone People Talking Pixel” series to Pigzbe, from the Weed & Wonderful to ‘The Future Starts Here’ exhibition here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.



Animated Pixels

Google is following the footsteps of its rival Apple’s marketing strategy after almost 10 years. For the series “iPhone People Talking Pixel”, Google collaborated with several up and coming animators from around the world to create short films highlighting its new smartphone’s user-friendly features. Each film uses unedited user testimonies.

Watch the playful animations here


Crypto Kids

Pigzbe wants to teach kids how to manage their (future) money. The London-based start-up educates children aged six or over in saving, exchanging and spending through immersive games and a digital crypto piggy bank.

For a future-proof children bank click here


Sensational Seaweed

Seaweed is gaining attention thanks to its sustainable and nutrient-rich properties. These properties inspired Dr. Craig Rose to develop the Weed & Wonderful®, a range of seaweed-based vegan supplement capsules and infused oils that aim to bring the ancient benefits of the sea in their consumers’ life.

Get your bit of the sea here 


The Future Starts Here

V&A is getting ready to open the doors of its next exhibition “The Future Starts Here”. 100 design projects exploring emerging technologies will be featured, hoping to push a conversation on their possible consequences and impacts through ethical questions.

Learn more from here


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