That’s Interesting 12.10.18

From What3Words’ disruptive way of addressing to our future sleep buddy Belluma, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


Running in ‘tools.sand.stone’

In an era where every service, brand and product is susceptible of being disrupted any minute, using 3 word descriptions to find our way home will soon be our daily ritual. What3Words has divided the world into 57 trillion squares and has defined each by 3 word combinations to remove the complexity in the way we ‘address’ locations whilst providing further accuracy.

Find your way here

Switch on sleep

Aiming to provide an innovative solution to the global sleep deprivation epidemic, Maria Mu, a Cornell University graduate, developed Bellumo. This hanging mobile for adults is designed to replace sleep-inducing pills that bear potentially harmful side affects with guided breathing exercises in-sync with the lighting.

Fall into sleep from here


Clean slate

In tune with the ‘Instagrammable’ visual language of today, Society is here to help you clean your house with playful designs in upbeat colours. Following the subscription-only trend, the start-up has a direct to consumer business model, to reduce additional expenses and provide non-toxic cleaning products at cost.

Discover a new way to clean  here


Great Shows Stay With You

As the seasons go by, Amazon pushes you to be sharper, bolder and stronger. The company has teamed up with Droga5 London to promote its’ most attention-grabbing shows’ long-lasting impact on audience with a playful and witty tone. Vikings for example, guides an office worker to not only stand up for herself but to roar.

Watch the whimsical Vikings promo here



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