That’s Interesting 20.04.18

This weeks ‘That’s Interesting’ includes our report on the key trends at this year’s London Coffee Festival, and some other things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Pleasure redesigned

Maude is rethinking the contemporary sex essentials with a “Sex made simple” focus at heart. The brand takes a stand against the industry’s traditionally gender-heavy approach – instead offering beautifully designed products that are simple, inclusive and of high quality.

Marvel at the packaging’s simplicity here

Path at the London Coffee Festival

Last week, our team of dedicated strategists visited the 2018 London Coffee Festival, to pick up the latest and most emerging trends of the coffee category.

Download our report here


The human side of tech

Google is making its debut at the Milan Salone Internazionale with ‘SoftTech’, an installation that aims to explore the relationship between tech and everyday life. The event showcases some of Google’s tech products in lifestyle environment, underlining the brand’s design intent to bring a soft human touch and seamless connection to its harware technology.

Read more from here


The colourful everyday

As a part of its “Maverick with fabric” marketing campaign, Swedish home-retailer Ikea has released a new advert video. In the short film, a group of unexpected colourful ghosts crashes a monochrome house party. The advert aims to encourage its consumers to take a more expressive and colourful decoration style.

Watch the playful video from here

Built for All

Hoping to find a solution for the growing scarcity of living personal space in cities, Mini is collaborating with London-based architecture firm Studiomama for this year’s Salone del Mobile. Built By All, the result of that collaboration, is an installation that reimagines the use of small spaces and explores the blending between private and communal areas in a close future.

Find more about here


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