That’s Interesting 21.09.18

From Kenzo’s creative collection launch to Sketch’s immersive experience, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


Fashionable Sci-Fi 

Looking to fashion for a vision of the future shows the increasing importance of quality content. KENZO presents “The EVERYTHING” – an interesting vehicle featuring its latest Fall-Winter 2018 collection. The 30 minute movie goes beyond the usual fashion film genre, built around a strong narrative to fully engage viewers with the brand’s storytelling core.

Watch The EVERYTHING here

Please play with your food

In collaboration with design studio Hato, London’s Sketch applies its playful personality to its website. The Mayfair restaurant fully encourages you to play with your food and virtual environment through interactive, abstract digital experiences, each referencing the unique personality of Sketch’s different spaces.

Immerse yourself here


What else?

Ikea’s Secret Innovation Lab ‘Space10’ joined forces with visual trend lab, Foam Studio, to explore the boundaries of tomorrow’s self-driving vehicles. The project reimagines the potential of future journeys, using the time spent in vehicles for interesting multitasking means other than simple transportation.

Read more here

Grape Variations

Handpicked wines has launched its new brand “Versions” to expand the global appeal of its modern Australian wines to price sensitive yet visually-driven millennials. Each range covers and uncovers different words to reveal various stories from the same prose, delivering a unique brand experience with an eye-catching modern design and clear shelf presence.

Have a look here






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