That’s Interesting 23.08.18

From the Least Active Kids In History Campaign to Loop,  here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


The laziest kids in history

Recently Omo, a Middle-Eastern detergent brand, realised that kids weren’t getting out and coming back with stained clothes anymore – threatening one of their key brand promise. To change this, they launched the Least Active Kids In History campaign: a powerful live-streamed video of several hours in the life of kids watching screens non-stop.

Watch the campaign’s video here


Touch for freshness

Arla has just partnered with London start-up Mimica to integrate the start-up’s anti-waste labels in their packagings. The labels are made of a gelatine-based gel with the ability to transform and feel bumpy to the touch when the food inside has gone off.

Discover the innovation here


The Forever Trainer

Stella McCartney is pushing its ethos of driving sustainability into the world of fashion with the release of Loop, its latest trainer collection. The sneakers have been built to be taken apart easily, in order for them to be endlessly upcycled or recycled: their soles and upper-shoes are attached with clips and stitches instead of being glued.

Watch the video here


Healthy Spread

Hou Loves Hou is pushing the boundaries of hummus with its range of sweet chickpea dips. The spreads come in a range of indulging flavours, such as banoffee, mixed berries or chocolate. The brand hopes to offer a healthier alternative while preserving the taste.

Get your dose here


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