That’s Interesting 27.07.18

From Acorn’s debit card to Intermarché’s The Taste of Colours,  here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Heavy Spending

US-based micro-investment platform Acorn has just launched its first physical product – a debit card designed to nudge consumers to spend mindfully. Made of tungsten, a rare heavy metal, the card hopes to subtly remind users of the value of money.

Discover the card here

The Taste of Colours

French supermarket chain Intermarché has just released a video to promote its new range of additive-free foods. In the short-film consumers take part in a taste test where they are asked to identify the flavour of different coloured-foods which, unknowingly to them, are all the same flavour.

Watch the tests’ results here

Smart Bandage

Researchers at Tufts University have just announced they have discovered a technology that allows a bandage to observe wounds and deliver drugs when necessary for healing. Now only a prototype, the bandage could ease doctors’ works while providing them with constant updates on their patients’ conditions.

Read about the future of healing here

Delicate Plywood

Product designer Zsuzsanna Horvath’s lamp series Sila is made of hair-thin plywood sheets which have been laser-cut and attached to a flexible OLED panel. The thin structures are so light they move in response to the movement in the room.

Have a look at the beautiful pieces here


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