That’s Interesting 28.09.18

From Noveltea’s creative blend to feminist revamp of Lotería, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


French Drama

French online bank Boursorama has just released their latest ad video, a Hollywood-style trailer called ‘The Extraordinary Tale of an Ordinary Man’. The short film parodies the dramatic tension traditional to the cinematic genre as it depicts an everyday man who dares the extraordinary act of… Clicking on a banner ad.

Lighten up your day here 

Feminist Future

Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré just gave a feminist revamp to Lotería, the traditional board game commonly found in Central America’s households. The redesign replaced the usually numbered cards with the artist’s cartoon-like drawings of women. With this female-focused take on the game, Valfré aims to give a modern twist to a traditional family moment.

Get your own here


Noveltea is about to bring excitement to our Tea time with their new collection of alcoholic cold-brew teas. The start-up felt compelled to bring together the two most British passions; tea and alcohol, producing a refined and elegant spirit, created to be enjoyed as part of the ‘emerging scene of experiential drinking’.

Get a sip of the next big thing here 

Eye-opening Podcast

Investigate journalism podcast The City is pushing the boundaries of the media with their recent AR experience, created in collaboration with USA Today. Listeners can experience a full 3D visualisation of the events described by the podcast as they are taken through the story.

Have a look at the experience here 





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