That’s Interesting 29.06.18

From Beck’s beer flute to Jen Keane’s bio material, from Axiom Space futurist travel to Yoplait’s healthy yogurt range, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Premium Cheers

Beck’s had collaborated with German design agency Serviceplan to tackle the canned beer’s low-value image problem and restore dynamism in the category. Le BECK’s is a limited-edition aluminium flute-shaped bottle, specifically designed for niche events, in order to reflect its high-quality and underline Beck’s premium offer.

Marvel at the surprising design here

Microbes to Materials

Design graduate Jen Keane is exploring the possibilities of the applications of microbes (such as bacteria or yeast) in bio materials. Her final project, ‘This is Grown’, focuses on microbial weaving: it aims to provide an alternative to the traditional textile processes amd their large carbon footprint.

Discover the innovative material here

Spatial Escapes in 2020

Adventurous holidays have just taken a new meaning with the rising interest of space travel: Axiom Space, a Houston-based space exploration company, has just launched a 10-days space travel scheme, sending visitors off to the world’s first commercial space station. Famous designer Philippe Starck is designing the interiors, ensuring that the travel will be experienced in the utmost style.

Start dreaming here

YQ by Yoplait

Yoplait will soon launch its new line YQ, a yogurt range containing less sugar and higher protein than the ones currently offered by the brand. Aiming to balance desire and health, the range will be available in eight flavours, delivering on permissibility and smart snacking.

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