We build brand journeys

Path is an award-winning, independent, design consultancy specialising in strategic brand innovation and packaging design.

We believe that a brand is more than a logo or a name; it's the promise of a tangible and emotive journey.

We partner with brands to develop, build and execute their journey using our strategic thinking, creative conviction and technical insight.

Signup to receive the latest copy of Map, future thinking from Path.

Signup to receive the latest copy of Map, future thinking from Path.

Strategic thinking

Building a brand journey needs to start with great ideas - our strategic thinking ensures that any idea is grounded in commercial, consumer and market needs. Our Landscaping and Wayfinding processes seek to identify opportunities that are informed, insightful and above all, tangible.

Our landscaping process identifies future change and behaviours, helping us understand what opportunities exist for brands now and ahead. Our key tool in this is Mapº, a futures thought piece that seeks to inform and inspire brand leaders, helping to broker further understanding and stimulate fresh thinking.

Our Wayfinding process delivers strategic innovation for brand growth, utilising either the findings from our landscaping stage or driving value from resources the client already has. Whether it’s NPD, packaging innovation, portfolio strategy or brand positioning, we partner rigorous strategic thinking with inspired creativity to deliver tangible and actionable opportunities.

Creative conviction

Good design is a journey in itself, all the way from inspiring creativity right through to successful implementation into the market. We combine specialist structural innovation with inspired graphic design to achieve solutions that appeal to the head and the heart - delivering a memorable brand journey and measurable commercial growth.

Graphic branding
A belief in attention to detail and an underlying passion for design excellence lies at the heart of everything we do. Tapping directly into our strategic capabilities, our graphic consumer branding team generate inspired conceptual thinking and combine this with beautifully crafted graphic design to breath visual life into compelling brand stories.

Structural branding
A key capability since Path was formed, structural packaging has become something we’re widely recognised for and sought after by major, international brands. Our structural team seek to create packaging designs that make brand values tangible moments for the consumer and create a competitive difference, overcoming technical barriers to deliver meaningful innovation.

Technical insight

We believe that great ideas are those that work, and so turning creative work into market solutions has become one of our strengths as a team. Whether its developing a piece of structural packaging through our 3D printer, or refining the print process to be more efficient, we develop designs to get to market and into the hands and homes of consumers.

Pathwork represents the final stage within the design roadmap. We know the value of a good, quality design concept, and we strive to support our design partners at Path, by capitalising on our unique knowledge of the manufacturing and print industry. The backbone of what Pathwork is; can be easily distilled into two words: ‘Technical Insight’.