36 Days of Type

This year, Path participated for the first time in 36 Days of Type, a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their skill and talent across the letters of the alphabet and numbers. All members of Path’s creative force, from graphic designers to structural designers, from fresh-faced juniors to seasoned seniors, took their turn during the ‘36 days of restless creativity.’ Whilst some used the opportunity to showcase their tried and true talents, others chose to step out of their comfort zone, using techniques and software that aren’t normally used on a daily basis. To unite our work on this project, each letter and number features Path’s signature underline. Created by the newest addition to our team, Fran’tastic’ Birch, who employed her skills as a sign writer to kick-off the project with the letter ‘A’ We created the ‘V’ during the photo shoot for cover of our latest issue of Map, which focuses on the future of food and drink. With no plan in place, we experimented with colourful spices to create a handmade font. Three layers of laser-cut card were used to create our ‘3,’ which features offset waves create the illusion of movement.

Simple, yet smart, our ‘U’ was the result of our expertise in card engineering with a little help from our trusty Kongsberg (featuring some torchered curving). The 36 Days of Type is a global celebration of creativity. Participating this year gave us the chance to explore the possibilities of design and express the unique talents of our team. We hope you enjoy our spin on the 36 Days of Type as much as we enjoyed creating it. To see the full gallery of Path’s #36DaysofType, please visit our Instagram here.


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