That’s Interesting 05.09.2019

From luxury dry cleaners to chakra aligning cosmetics, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Calming cosmetics

Sometimes realigning your Charkras requires more than meditation and music. Heightening all of your senses is a great way to connect with your inner-self. Cosmetic company Nanaka focus on using products to bring forward spirituality – and their Chakra gift set it just the trick. Including 7 different scents designs to assign with the 7 different Chakra points, these scented perfumes don’t just smell amazing, they feel amazing too.

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Dry clean only

Taking clothes to a dry cleaner can feel like a drag. However, at Ivystudio, doing laundry is being given a luxury twist. While it might easily be mistaken for a 5 star hotel reception, this Parisian style lobby actually belongs to Montreal’s newest dry cleaners. Aptly named ‘Whites’, the space has a minimalist feel with a monochrome pallet. Dry cleaning just got a well overdue makeover.

Clean up here

Democratic Design

Hitting its fourth year, Democratic Design Day is an event focused around ‘Design for Purpose”. It is likely that many designs this year will be focused on sustainability, due to the climate crisis and fears over plastic pollution. Expecting entrees from designers who are pioneering in their field, this is not an event to be missed.

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Creative chaos

For those looking for something wild and groovy to get the creative juices flowing, look no further than Chk Chk Chk’s latest psychedelic music video. With more to notice every time you watch it – it’s an art piece made to make you think. Brimming with visual explosions, the artwork evokes thoughts of party culture, sexuality, and downright fun. It’s a fascinating, if maybe confusing film that works perfectly with the groovy dance hit it’s paired with.

Watch it here


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