A different path to wellness: Balance Festival 2019

Drinking culture is making a U-Turn, with more young people choosing to spend their time doing yoga and drinking fermented sparkling water than at their local pub. With almost 10 million Brits now regularly hitting the gym, healthier food and drink choices have never been more in demand. To see how the industry is coping with this sudden outcry for tasty – but healthier – treats, we went down to the Balance Festival to spot some great new brands.

On the website, the festival describes itself as follows: “Balance unites world-class fitness trainers, awe-inspiring yogis and well-travelled chefs, with real people and awesome brands who share a common vision — to achieve a better self.” An ambitious goal, executed brilliantly. 

The Balance Festival was a Millennial’s dream (and your grandads’ worst nightmare). Set within the industrial walls of the Old Truman’s Brewery, it had an undeniably edgy feel with faux-grass flooring, chip-board benches, and beanbags galore. There were live DJs pumping out Drum & Bass loud enough to make even the most lenient neighbours complain. The youth culture vibe was palpable – and enticing.

Here are some new exciting brands and products we believe will have an edge with this young, health-conscious consumer group:

The Future is Fermented.

If you haven’t jumped onto the Kombucha train yet, you’re not keeping up. Already a staple in the States, the fermented drink is taking the UK by storm. The lightly sparkling drink – typically made with fermented tea, yeast and fruit juices, is designed to be an alternative option to typical fizzy pop. 

No.1 Kombucha “Start Living life from the inside out.”

Catching your eye with a splash of pop colour, No.1 Kombucha prides itself on being a drink full of flavour and full of probiotic goodness.

L.A Brewery “Expertly Brewed by Louise Avery.”

Starting from humble Suffolk beginnings, this soft coloured but tasty Kombucha is the perfect nature-based staple for every home.

Captain Kombucha “Refresh yourself with the legendary Captain Kombucha.”

Fill your boots and freshen your sails with this fun and quirky Kombucha, great for summer days by the sea (or wherever you feel like, really!)

Humm Kombucha “Bubbles with Benefits.”

This Kombucha is not just a tasty healthy treat, it’s a way of life. The American brand is setting roots down in the UK, bringing the sunshine along with it.

No Alcohol? No problem.

As more people chose to step away from a life of booze, the industry is taking steps to keep up. With a new range of exciting alcohol-free brands stepping into focus, it’s quite exciting to think we may get to have all of the fun – without the dreaded hangover.

Caleno “We make not drinking fun.”

This new Columbian alcohol-free spirit was only released in January and has already made a big impact. It’s sweet but tangy flavour tastes perfect mixed with tonic and a touch of ice. Who needs gin anyway?

Der Graf von Bayern “Brewing art meets science.”

Everyone knows that no one makes beer quite like the Germans. Well, now you can enjoy a beer (or three) in the sun without having any of those morning regrets.

And now for something completely different…

Here are a few ground-breakers, bringing exciting and unique new products to the category in hopes of making a big splash.

Lost Coast “Low calorie, low sugar, all natural.”

This Apple Cider Vinegar Juice may sound more like a cooking ingredient than a drink, but don’t be fooled. It’s got your daily dose of ACV, and best of all it tastes delicious.

Unrooted “We call this fresh energy.”

Made from the African Baobab superfruit, this unusual tasting drink is not to be forgotten. The company itself has a great focus on conservation, and the drink is jam-packed with fibre and anti-oxidants.

Say Aloe “This isn’t your average drink.”

A new release from the well-established company “Grace”, this quirky and high in Vitamin C drink ticks all the boxes. Designed to help reduce tiredness and fatigue (without the standard caffeine or sugar), this is the perfect drink to keep on your desk for hectic days.

Never have we indulged so much, and yet walked away feeling so healthy. If you’re looking for a way to revitalise your brand portfolio with a new wellness elixir, the Balance Festival is the perfect event to find inspiration.



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