Living in a Dematerialised World

Think about the first time you bought music. Was it a cassette tape? A compact disc? A vinyl record? Now think about the last time you bought music. For most of us, it was a simple click of a button.

Music, along with films, are great examples of products that shifted from material consumption to complete virtual consumption. This dematerialisation of the delivery method not only made enjoying this media more convenient, but is also more sustainable. Think of all the raw materials we’ve taken out of the environment by consuming music and films virtually.

It begs the question: what other products, services and experiences can be delivered virtually? Is it possible that something that is completely tangible today could be completely intangible tomorrow?

Scandinavian clothing brand Carlings is testing these waters with a new line of clothing that only exists digitally. Playing into social media trends with an ambition to reduce waste, the consumption process of the “Neo-Ex” collection involves purchasing a digital item of clothing and uploading a posed picture. At this point, Carlings’ 3D design team fits the clothes to the image, and viola, you’ve got a picture of yourself, decked out in high fashion that you can share on all your social media networks.

Whilst we will always need clothing to protect ourselves from the elements, could we express our fashion sense virtually? Whilst we may never feel the clothes, we will see them and allow other people see them all “completely without a negative environmentally impact.”

It may be far fetched, but Carling is a brand taking a different path by exploring the possibilities. What can your brand do?


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