Path creates Bloom Bars for The Grocer’s Snacking Report 2018


Path creates Bloom Bars for The Grocer’s Snacking Report 2018

According to The Grocer’s Snacking Report 2018, snacking is getting adventurous with consumers desiring more bizarre and unusual flavours. “An impressive 39% of Brits will regularly or always experiment with new and exciting flavours, found the poll by Harris Interactive. That figure rises to 60% of 25 to 34-year-olds.”

Whilst there is a danger of going too far (M&S Prosecco Crisps anyone?), brands in the snack aisle are filling the shelf with a myriad of exotic and innovative flavours. And as always the challenge for brands and retailers will be standing out from the competition.

The Grocer challenged our creative team here at Path to come up with a brand new product for the ever-diversifying snack market. Here’s what we came up with:

Introducing Bloom bars, a new range of plant-based, Instagrammable snack bars.

“One of our key observations of the healthy snack category, was that although there were plenty of high-end, lifestyle offerings, very few had a product that looked beautiful – or even appetising,” says Path’s Strategy Director Ben Sillence. “We felt that with Bloom, we could upend this convention, with a product that highlights the beauty of nature.”

Each Bloom bar is made up entirely of fruit or ‘superfood’ vegetables, with a spirulina, coconut and goji berries Green Goodness flavour and Sweet Dream, containing sweet potato, turmeric, lucuma and beetroot. “We selected the flavour combinations based on their health benefits as well as what’s trending at the moment on social media,” explains Sillence, “Whilst the mix of these flavours is something consumers won’t have tried before, they’ll be familiar with the ingredients.”

“Bloom’s design is an important USP,” comments Chris Foresight, Path’s Creative Director 3D. “Ultimately as a healthy replacement for a countline bar, the product had to be consumable on the go, but we wanted to make it more dynamic than the standard rectangle, so we developed a geometric element to make it more visually exciting.”

Six individual portions that can be snapped off and eaten, however, the angular offset shapes create something that is dynamically different. The adventurous colour combinations, which are different for each bar, have a vibrant seam of colour running through the top face, like a streak of molten lava.

“The offset shape of the bar follows through to the cardboard packaging for increased shelf standout,” explains Foresight. “A clear biodegradable window allows the consumer to see the product, so they’re immediately connected to the uniqueness of the experience within.”

“Social media users have been persistently consuming new information at an unbelievable pace through digital spaces. In order to attract their attention, we’ve created something simple but striking,” comments Gokce Sahbaz, Path Creative Director 2D. “Our intention was to create a holistic brand reflecting its values on every level including the product and pack’s structural design. We’ve created a software algorithm which produces random illustrations based on the flavour range. Each pack is unique and give consumers a sharable content for their own digital space.”

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