How Pharma and OTC brands can profit from the personal touch.

Millennials and Gen-Z truly believe in the concept of individuality and put it at the heart of their idea of identity, wellbeing and – of course – their consumption choices. From fashion to food right through to personal care and health choices, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work for this self-aware, label-rejecting consumer.

The answer to engaging with this cohort? It’s personalisation. As a concept, this is far from new and FMCG brands have been doing it for years. In its most basic form, we see brands giving consumers the chance to personalise the packaging of their product through names or graphics (as in Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke with…’ campaign). Personalisation, however, can and should be more than printing a name on packaging. It’s about making a consumer feel that a product was made specifically for them and that he/she can see their individual wants and needs met above anything else.

So how would this work in the health and wellbeing space? How can Pharma and OTC brands reimagine their products and packaging to appeal to this specific group of consumers? We’ve identified some brands that are creating new, exciting and highly personal experiences for their consumers in this industry.

Care/Of is an online vitamin brand delivering a customised selection of supplements and probiotics directly to consumers. While the packaging formats are standardised, each one is individually printed, to allow the brand to write highly personalised, engaging copy to each consumer and reinforce the bespoke and considered service it offers, even in total absence of face-to-face interaction.


Atlas Biomed offers consumers take-home DNA and microbiome test kits to help them better manage and understand their individual health, nutrition and physical activity needs. With these test results, consumers can make informed decisions and take better care of not only their physical needs, but also – through the gut-brain axis – of their mental health.


The world of wearable technology is one of the leaders in personalised healthcare, and Oura is a great example of a company that knows how to add the personal touch. Their sleep monitoring, ring-sized devices help consumers track their sleeping patterns and adapt their lifestyle to better suit their health requirements.


These unique ideas prove that personalisation is the key to standing out in an overcrowded and cluttered market. Creating a product that appeals to the holistic, self-aware and, above all, unique consumer will help brands stay relevant to the latest generations.


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