Introducing: A Different Voice.

A free creative space, a different voice to take us down a different path. 

The Different Path has always been about sharing our ideas on a current topic or trend, a space to discover and discuss the inspiring minds and innovative brands that are shaping the future by changing the way we think about and create products and experiences.

In many ways, there’s no time more trend-disrupting, change-triggering and different than now. The pandemic, Global Heating, diversity, inequality – everything seems to have hit boiling point at the same time, and the world is in the middle of a fundamental shift in context, mindset and behaviour. At Path, we’re all experiencing, responding and adapting to this in different ways, but we share the view that, working in the creative industry, we can use our creative spirit to address these shifts and work towards a better future.

That’s where A Different Voice comes in: a new take on the monthly The Different Path where you will meet different members of our wild and wonderful team as they take it in turns to share their take on a topic they find interesting, something they care about, a creative idea that they’ve been toying with or a new trend they’ve spotted.

Our team is the heart, soul, spark and spice of everything we do – we are excited to reveal the different and varied personalities that make up Path, and to see what they come up with!

First up, Luke’s Digital Sticky Note. See here.


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